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If you don't know where to start with SEO, or what it even means, you're not alone. SEO is science. It's a meticulous process involving many steps to stand out amongst the digital crowd. An effective SEO strategy that increases both the quality and quantity of organic search traffic to your website is hard to get right. But you can leave the hard work to us, your local SEO agency in Sydney. We've got you covered!

Our skilled team of data-driven SEO masterminds use the best SEO tools and technologies. As a team, we have achieved exceptional results for our clients, from one-man-band start-ups to multinational companies, across a wide range of industries.

SEO strategies

At Siteclicks, we have a common goal - to deliver long term growth for your business. We take the time to get to know you and develop a deep understanding of your business and objectives. Our SEO professionals work together to develop perfectly targeted keywords and an SEO strategy that is well-aligned with your goals.

We know that with all the technical jargon and ever-changing algorithms, navigating the world of online marketing can be daunting. But at our Sydney SEO company, we take care of it from A - Z. Our team of SEO experts look after your SEO, from your initial audit to managing and optimising your strategy on an ongoing basis.

Our SEO process

Our SEO service is all-encompassing and involves multiple steps to produce the best results possible, whatever your goals, campaign objectives or industry.

Initial technical audit

Search engines are ever evolving, and our SEO agency keeps up. The first step to developing your SEO strategy is an initial audit of your current website SEO (on-page, off-page and technical). Once your audit is complete, we'll provide you with detailed insights and actionable suggestions on how to better meet Google's best practices.

Keyword analysis

Keyword research and analysis is essential for getting on the first page of google. Our SEO team use a variety of keyword tools to develop a thorough and targeted list of keywords to integrate into your web pages.

Competitor research

To leapfrog your competitors in search results, you need to know them well. Our SEO team conduct thorough research into your competitors' digital presence, including keywords, links and general content. This is a key step in helping you stand out from the crowd!

On-page search engine optimisation

At this point, your SEO strategy is polished and ready to be put into place. We will optimise your on-page SEO and content accordingly and handle any migrations.

Off-page search engine optimisation

To improve the visibility of your website as well as increase its authority rating, we will work with you to develop your off-page SEO too. This involves building links with external parties, forums and RSS feeds, enhancing your profile.

Developing a content strategy

Part of a strong SEO strategy is strong content. Developing and syndicating optimised content leads to being a front runner in organic searches. Our team utilises handpicked SEO techniques to create content plans for regular and ongoing content for your website and our content writing team consists of some of Sydney's best.

Website maintenance and updates

We ensure your website is always well-maintained and up to date, both functionally and aesthetically. Providing an optimal user experience is key to good SEO.

Tracking and goal development

We are the SEO agency in Sydney that doesn't stop. At siteclicks, there is no such thing as set and forget. By setting clear goals right from the get-go, we have everything we need to accurately track your SEO performance. Our team is always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow your online presence.

Monthly reporting

As part of our SEO service, your dedicated account manager will put together a detailed and customised report for you. At Siteclicks, we do things a little differently. We pride ourselves on transparency and accountability. So, whatever your results, we will ensure you understand how and why.

Got questions?

What are some ways of enhancing your website's SEO?

There are over 200 ranking factors, so there are very many ways! Ultimately, it comes down to the user-relevance of your website. So, a few good strategies for enhancing your website's SEO could include:

Who are SEO services for?

We get asked this a lot. Generally, businesses that need to have their SEO up to scratch are those that have a product or service that people intently search for online. As mentioned, SEO isn't general knowledge. It's a specialised area and best left to the pros for the best and most stress-free results! SEO services are for businesses that want to capture their audience online, without having to get involved in the technical side.

What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO has several valuable benefits. It is a long-term strategy that is quantifiable and helps you understand the online environment. SEO helps get your business in front of your audience and builds your trust and credibility. In most cases, good SEO also means an optimal user-experience. In cases of local SEO, your business may benefit from increased engagement, organic traffic and lead conversions.

How do you measure SEO success?

In most cases, it's the cost per acquisition that is a key factor of a successful SEO campaign. The lower the cost per acquisition, the better. Organic search traffic derived from keyword ranking will boost revenue and brand awareness. SEO success looks like business growth and a return on investment.

How long does search engine optimisation take?

Like offline trust and authority, online trust and authority also take time to be built. Of course, results can be seen in the first few months, but generally, SEO begins to perform optimally after 6 to 24.